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Cannon Power Corporation (Mexico) has joined together with other pioneers in electrical generation to form Proyectos de Generación México (Pardgen). We have put together a great team of individuals that have perfect backgrounds to continue developing great sustainable energy projects for Mexico.


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As Cannon's Mexico operations merge into Pardgen, we are excited to offer a complete range of energy services.


Cannon (Mexico) will continue to honor our commitments and obligations without changes to any prior agreements. We are excited to add to our team and offerings without having to change our priorities and focus.


In today's market in Mexico, we need to diversify our portfolio of services, so adapting to the country's political and infrastructure realities to offer acceptable solutions for short and long-term electricity goals for our clients and investment partners.  We meet this goal with great optimism.


Cannon's (Mexico) pioneers in the wind sector add all of our years of experience to our new partner's strengths in renewable energy, traditional thermal generation, energy storage, transmission infrastructure, wholesale energy markets, and project financing.


Project Financing has always been our strength in developments. As a more significant organization with our other successful partner's participation, greenfield development, construction, and operations will give us permanence and diversification.


Grid stability, energy storage, and distributed generation led us to team up for the future to provide industry and governments with clean, available, cost-effective electricity for stable electricity systems.

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